Responsible Gambling

Our Approach

Gala Casino’s number 1 priority is your absolute safety the moment you step through our online doors.

We want all our players to play safe, bet smart and win fair! You are our number one priority. So, keep in mind that while we want you to have heaps of fun, we don’t want you to be spending more than you can afford.

That’s the reason we’ve introduced our ‘Changing for the Bettor’ campaign to help promote safe gambling and look out for all our players' protection.

This strategy helps understand problems, create solutions, educate our players, educate Gala Casino employees to promote responsible gambling across everything we do, empower our players by letting them say no and fund treatment for those who need it.

We’d encourage all of our players to take a look at our Safer Gambling Pages using our links to the left where you can access advice, information and support to help you play fun and play responsibly.

It’s how we want you to roll…

This page was last reviewed and updated: September 2020